Biografía / Dubmasters

DUBMASTERS is a live act from Argentina, formed by Marcos Fernández (Guitars, Bass, Synths, Arrangements) and Maxi Cayón (Drum Programming, Sequencing, Ableton Live).

They have been playing and touring extensively in South America, Mexico and California for the past seven years and now they are focused in the studio to finish their debut LP by the end of this year.

Their history together goes back to the 80's when Maxi's father was the owner of the local record store, and also the DJ at the hometown's nightclub Aquelarre, an extremely fancy rendition of Studio 54.

Growing up to the sounds of Black Power funk, Psychedelic Disco and Techno from the old world, Maxi and Marcos develop a sharp taste for groove that translates easily into their music.

Playing together since 1989, their carrer evolved along the House Music Scene and they quickly became renowned for their eclectic extended dj sets. With a constant urge to express more truly our musical vision, by the year 2008, it seamed natural to shift into performances including live instrument overdubs, rhythm machines and endless analog delays... and almost inadvertedly, DUBMASTERS was born

With two releases hitting hard on dancefloors all over the world, whether it's Tokyo, London, San Francisco or Buenos Aires, the DUBMASTERS SOUND is hear to stay.

Supporters include DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli, LTJ Experience, OOFT!, Salvatore Stallone, Garth, Jeno, Tim Sweeney and many more.